Interactive Touch Screen Solutions

Latest technology coupled with the solutions custom tailored to specified client requirements.
Whether for a marketing, retail, sales, exhibits, showrooms, hospital, tourism, consulting, corporate, education, event, corporate office or product presentation, our IN-SCREEN Touch solutions provide only the best Touch experience for multiple users. Along with our experienced partners, we are also able to offer custom content that not only shows off the incredible technology it also allows your brand or company to shine.


Recognizing the need to stay ahead with the latest in touch and display technologies, In-Screen offer a comprehensive range of displays. Designed to meet the diverse needs of business users and the public domain, In-Screen Touch Screens adds visual impact to offices, foyers and public spaces, transforming the capabilities of the application into the futuristic world of interactive business and learning. Screens available in sizes 32” up to 152”.


We are designing high-end audiovisual content production including interactive presentations and events, video walls, on-air broadcast graphics and in-studio lighting and staging.

Digital Signs

Instruct customers in the right direction using our interactive signs. Mostly use in Hospitals, Office Buildings, Campuses, Hotels, Universities, Museums,  Tourist offices, Shopping malls.


We provide product visualization through CAD, architecture, interior design, the scientific visualization, data visualization,  statistical maps, 3D model data visualization.

Interactive Applications

We create interactive applications that are used in museums, schools, hospitals, digital maps, shopping malls, tourist complexes, hotels, office buildings, sales, industrial.

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