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SyncTable is the ultimate interactive tool for a myriad of applications, enhancing business meetings, events and hotel lobbies. The benefits to any business demanding a central hub for collaboration or reaching to global client.

In-Screen uses the best performing capacative touch combined with professional grade 24/7 displays allowing multiple points simultaneously for multiple user collaboration. There is simply no end to the possibilities whatever your industry and demands.

The In-Screen SyncTable is a tool for expanding business communication and relations, enhancing presentations and sales pitches. An innovative central hub for any business that encourages interaction by the public which will return your investment whilst gathering data and help selling your product. We have supplied The In-Screen SyncTable even on Thailand in property of exclusive YourKohSamuiVillas for the private job presentation.

  • Ergonomic monocoque design
  • Toughened glass, flat durable surface
  • Suitable for business and leisure applications
  • High performance capacitive touch system with 40 touch points
  • Full HD 16/7 operational LED backlit professional display
  • No adverse effects from direct sunlight
  • Available in sizes 46” and 55” either standing height or coffee table
  • High spec built in PC with Windows 7, 64bit


Software for SyncTable

Communicate effectively with people in social atmospheres, using your existing files.
Intuitive – Control your pictures, videos and documents with your fingertips.

  • Organize your content into categories,which can be optionally protected by PIN codes.
  • Draw on your documents to make your point.
  • Easily customizable and ready to increase your brand awareness.
  • Content Cloning
  • 180° Interface Rotation
  • Snapping
  • Presentation Mode
  • PowerPoint Remote Support
  • Pin Protected Accounts
  • Screensaver / Digital Signage
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